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Help Support the Real Rosewood Foundation

Why we need your support

Your contribution will help us continue to educate people about the importance of preserving Black history and culture supporting the descendants of the Rosewood community. Your donation will also help us maintain and improve Rosewood, Florida, historical landmark.

How your donation will make a difference

Your donation will directly support our efforts to preserve the legacy of the Rosewood community. Here are some of the specific ways your donation will help:


Help us to fund educational programs and events that promote the importance of African American history and culture.

Support the descendants of the Rosewood community, many of whom still live in Florida and face significant economic and social challenges.

Help us to maintain and improve the physical site of Rosewood, including the historic marker, the interpretive center, and the surrounding park.

Allow us to continue to advocate for the recognition and preservation of African American history and culture throughout the state of Florida.

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Ways To Give

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