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Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, The Queen's Corner, The Real Rosewood Foundation Founder

The Queen's

Queen Lizzie's Podcast

Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, The Real Rosewood Foundation Founder, Queen Lizzie Podcast

Join The Real Rosewood Foundation's founder, Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, for her weekly podcast,  Queen Lizzie Podcast.


Discover the deep history of Rosewood, hear from special guests speakers and listen to her thoughts about how to empower humanity by exploring the Rosewood legacy to develop a better future for all.

The Real Rosewood Foundation, Queen Lizzie Podcast

Thank you Make It Happen Wehbe Marketing for your support and dedication in producing the Queen Lizzie Podcast!

Queen Lizzie' Podcast

Queen Lizzie's SONGS

Lizzie Robinson is a highly talented individual who has written, produced, and performed a series of songs about The Real Rosewood and its history. Her music is both inspiring and uplifting, and we highly recommend that you take the time to listen to it.


If you would like to support Lizzie and The Real Rosewood Foundation, you can download and purchase her songs today. Thank you for your support!

Queen Lizzie's Songs

Queen Lizzie's Books

Among her many accomplishments, Lizzie Robinson Jenkins has written two powerful and historical books which help tell the story of The Real Rosewood. You can support the The Real Rosewood Foundation by purchasing a copy of her two publications below. Thank you for your support!

Lizzie's Rosewood Race Book, Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, The Real Rosewood Foundation Founder,
Lizzie's Rosewood Race

In her debut literary work, Lizzie's Rosewood Race takes her readers on a journey of truth, liberation, and sincere forgiveness. When we think about running a race, it's normal to think about a starting point and a finish line. My finish line has no end. The human race---Black, White, Yellow, Brown and all other shades of people and cultures will continue to race for freedom, for equality, for dignity and respect. We are still running and will continue to run. Will you run with me?

Black America Series, Alachua County, Florida Book, Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, The Real Rosewood Foundation Founder,
Alachua County, Florida

Alachua County's African American ancestry contributed significantly to the area's history. Once enslaved pioneers Richard and Juliann Sams settled in Archer as early as 1839. They were former slaves of James M. Parchman, who journeyed through the wilderness from Parchman, Mississippi. They and others shaped the county's history through inventions, education, and work ethics based on spirituality. This book shows people working together, from the early 1800s rural farm life, when racial violence was routine, until African Americans broke the chains of injustice and started organizing and controlling civic affairs.

Queen Lizzie's Books

Queen Lizzie's Awards

The Real Rosewood Foundation Life Member and Founder, Mrs. Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, was recently honored at the 108th Annual Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) Conference in Jacksonville, Florida to receive The ASALH Luminary Award. 


The ASALH Luminary Award was established to recognize the outstanding work and contributions related to the mission and goals of ASALH, including the local branch, by a person in the locale of the annual convention. The recipients of this award have made significant contributions to African American history and culture with a focus on the local community where the annual meeting of ASALH is being held.

Lizzie Robinson Jenkins, The Real Rosewood Foundation Founder, ASALH Luminary Award

The Real Rosewood Foundation Life Member and Founder, Lizzie Robinson Jenkins

Queen Lizzie's Awards
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